What Kind Of REALTOR Am I?

  • I became a REALTOR in 2004 and brought years of business knowledge with me. 
  •  I am an experienced, full time, professional REALTOR whose goal it is to sell 100% of my listings. 
  • I am a member of the National Association of Realtors, a member of the Oregon Association of REALTORS and a member of the Southern Oregon Multiple Listing Service.  
  • I am a no-pressure realtor who is easy to get a hold of, good with paper work and details, good at negotiations and I care about my clients.  


Compare Listing Agents by Asking These Questions And Read My Answers to Learn About Me

q  Are you a full time Realtor or a part time Realtor and why is this important?

o    I am a full time realtor on call 7 days a week.

o    A full time realtor is always available to answer questions and seize every opportunity to serve his clients so no deal is missed.


q  Can you show me your personal web site?

o    Having a web site is a way of showing professionalism and pride.

o    The website should give valuable information to Buyers and Sellers.

o    It is also a good way to communicate with current and potential clients.


q  May I see your resume or personal brochure?

o     A personal brochure is a great way of showing professionalism and pride and a great way for a realtor to introduce himself to potential clients (see About Me Page)


q  How hard is it to get a hold of you? 

o    My cell phone is on from 7AM to 8PM each day. 

o    If I cannot answer when it rings because I am in a meeting, with a customer or if I am out of range, I will call back as soon as I see that someone tried to call me or as soon as possible.

o    All of my advertising includes my cell phone number so that I am available at all times to all buyers and other realtors.


q  What is your educational background?

o    I graduated from Cal State Northridge with a degree in accounting.


q  What is your business background?

o    I owned and operated an automotive engine rebuilding company in the Los Angeles area for 28 years.  I had 33 employees and a 20,000 sq. ft. building.  .  Among many of my duties I was responsible for the accounting, advertising, systems controls, human resources, scheduling, hiring, negotiating, buying, etc.

o    When I moved to Oregon I started a silk-screening business which I ran for six years.


q  Do you have negotiation skills?

o    Yes, I learned many negotiating skills through my dealings with my employees, vendors, and customers while running both of my companies.

o    My negotiating skills have been invaluable to me as a real estate agent in making the best deals for my clients.


q  What do you know about the market in my area?

o    I have lived in Grants Pass since 1996 and know the area very well.

o    I vacationed and visited relatives here for 12 years prior to moving to Grants Pass.

o    I have a great deal of knowledge of the area and the local housing market.


q  Do you have a written marketing plan?

o    Yes I feel this is extremely important to my listing clients.

o    Owners have a right to see how their property will be marketed so I have a written plan.

o    Owners should closely look at an agent’s marketing plan.

o    My marketing plan is unique and each item should be discussed and compared.

o    See a copy of my marketing plan in this section of this presentation book.


q  If I list with you will I be dealing on a weekly basis with you or with one of your assistants?

o    You will be dealing directly with me in all phases of the sale of your property.

o    I keep in personal contact with you on a weekly basis if not more often and I am usually available to you.


q  If you are out of town do you have someone to cover for you and how familiar will they be with my listing?

o    I work with a few other realtors in my office that I trust to take over for me when needed.  We handle each other’s business while one of us is out of town.

o    Even when I am out of town I can usually be reached on my cell phone or I check my messages regularly.


q  What do you do different than other realtors?

o    The combination of everything mentioned above is very unique to most realtors.

o    I a nut shell, I Care About My Clients and I Consider Myself a Professional.


q  What type of internet marketing do you do?

o    I believe that internet marketing is the best way to market any property.

o    It is now reported that over 85% of buyers start their search for a home by searching the internet.  I pay additional costs to get my listings, with additional pictures and information, on numerous websites which feed almost every major search engine in the nation and much of the world. 

o    All of my internet marketing includes maps and most, include a virtual tour of my listings.


q  How many listings do you take on at one time

o    I find that 15 listings can keep a realtor very busy.  Depending on the type of listings, a realtor cannot personally work with his sellers and give them the full service they deserve when listing more than that.


q  How many for your listings have not sold? 

o    Very few of my listings go unsold.  If they do go unsold it is always because the sellers have not taken my advice.


q  Do you do provide Visual Tours?

o     I do on homes that are large enough to make the virtual tours effective.


q  How many pictures to you put in the listings? 

o    This depends on the size of the home and the property but usually I have been putting 30 to 50 pictures on the internet.  Changes in our MLS as of November 2016 now only allow 24 pictures.  This makes the virtual tours more meaningful.


q  What type of documents do you put with the listings 

o    I believe in giving both the other agents and the buyers as much information as possible including aerial maps, disclosures, inspections, CC&Rs, etc.


q  What type of information do you leave in the home for Buyers to see?

o    MLS listing printout, flyer, features and general information list, plat map, aerial maps, seller disclosures, inspections, CC&Rs, schools, and hospital, etc.


q  Are you willing to show me your past listings history on the MLS and what information you supply to the MLS for them

o    I would be happy to sit down at the computer with you and show you my listings history and compare myself to any other realtor.



Russell Garceau
Russell Garceau
REALTOR / Broker
1830 NE 7th St Grants Pass OR 97526